Terms & Conditions

I. What is the purpose of this document?

In these Privacy Policies we have summarized the key points regarding the protection of your personal data and the ways we process it. In case you would like to have more information about specific processes, you can contact us through the contacts below.

2. Who are we?

Our company “PALMS MERKUR CASINO.BG” Ltd. enters the sphere of services by providing delicious, high-quality, healthy and attractive food, providing services in the field of nutrition and entertainment and taking care of the privacy of everyone in the community. This means that we will protect the personal information of all visitors who have access to our websites or services through any mobile application, platform or device, as well as visitors to our restaurants.

PALMS MERKUR CASINO.BG EOOD is a commercial company registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency with UIC 201710165, with registered office and address of management: Sofia, Ilinden residential district, 7 Kukush Street, and is an administrator of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection.

The restaurants in which it carries out part of its activities are located at Sofia, В89 Vitosha Blvd., Grand Hotel Millennium-Sofia, as follows:

“Asian restaurant 888 Taste Show Asian Cuisine“;
“Mediterranean restaurant San Remo Mediterranean Cuisine“;
“Sports and piano bar Black & White Sport and Piano Lounge“.

4. How to contact us?
Address: the town of Sofia, Ilinden residential district, 7 Kukush Street

How to contact our Personal Data Protection Officer?
Address:the town of Sofia, Ilinden residential district, 7 Kukush Street
Tel: 02/ 812 94 52
E-mail: dpo@pmrcasino.com
Data protection and information security are part of our corporate culture and policy.

What information can I find in this Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy will provide you with comprehensive information in clear and accessible language about what actions are performed with the personal data you provide to PALMS MERKUR CASINO.BG EOOD (called the Administrator) including:
What personal data do we collect about you?
What is the purpose of their collection?
For how long do we store the provided personal data?
Who do we share your personal information with?
How do we notify you of a change to our Privacy Policy?
What types of cookies do we use to make your experience on our website better?
What are your rights regarding the personal data provided?
With this Privacy Policy PALMS MERKUR CASINO.BG EOOD declares that it applies all technical and organizational measures for protection of personal data of individuals, which are prescribed by law or other regulations at national and European level.